A Platform This City Can Stand On


Economic Development

My vision for our City is a welcoming City to economic development to attract and keep businesses in our City. That includes working with the private sector, trade schools and high
schools to open doors to the skilled trades as well as the Artificial Intelligence jobs market as an alternative to college.


My vision for our City’s financial future is to improve staff efficiencies and productivity to build our City’s rainy day fund and reduce the City’s millage rate during my first term.

Safer Communities

My vision for our City includes a Safer City and South Fulton County Region working with other jurisdictions and City leaders to reduce the crime rate from 3 times the national average to less than the national average.

Ethics Reform

As a member of the 2022 Charter Review Commission I witnessed the need for a public servant to bring civility and decorum to the City Council from District 3 where I have
lived with my family for decades.


  1. I will not interfere in the City manager’s duties and responsibilities that position has under the City’s Charter.
  2. I will not bully appointed City personnel or my colleagues elected to City office.
  3. I will perform my duties as a council person with humility, professionalism, civility and decorum.
  4. I will put the City’s interest above my own and my family’s.
  5. I will seek common ground through diplomacy and not use strong handed tactics to get my way.

Let’s Put This City In Good Hands

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